Before now there was no means to safely dock a Panasonic CF-31 Toughbook in a mobile environment. Havis continues to raise the bar for ruggedized mobile computing with its new DS-PAN-111, a fully rugged docking station for the CF-31. Now your toughest, most demanding mobile computing applications become even more productive with DS-PAN-111’s use of real-time intelligent diagnostics and its expanded USB 2.0 ports. Power and connectivity questions? No problem with DS-PAN-111’s easy-to-read, real-time LED diagnostic light. Need to plug in a temporary USB device? No problem with the front-facing USB port provided by DS-PAN-111. Concerned over durability? The DS-PAN-111 not only meets the stringent Havis requirements, but Havis has also worked with Panasonic to perform the appropriate tests needed to qualify this product as “Toughbook Certified.”

Panasonic Toughbook 31 on a DS-PAN-111 Docking Station mounted in a vehicle
DS-PAN-111 Docking Station mounted in a vehicle

No matter what your mobile computing application, the DS-PAN-111 has been tested to the industry’s toughest standards. Lightweight and durable, the DS-PAN-111 provides intelligent feedback to the user, saving time with field troubleshooting and improving productivity and overall uptime of the mobile computing system. And the DS-PAN-111 provides the industry’s safest and most secure solution, keeping your expensive laptop where it belongs, docked and productive.

For mission critical applications, the DS-PAN-111 is the docking station of choice. When used with Havis’s mounting solutions, the DS-PAN-111 becomes the industry standard for ergonomic solutions, quality and safety. Don’t trust your Panasonic Toughbook solution to anything less than the Havis DS-PAN-111. Intelligence by Design.