Intelligent Docking

Have you ever had a problem with your mission critical mobile computing that required you or members of your team to return to the station for diagnostics and repair? Lost time, lost productivity, higher cost of ownership?

The new DS-PAN-111 docking station provides you with simple-to-use LED diagnostics for remote troubleshooting, reducing unnecessary downtime, improving field diagnostics and reducing the overall cost of ownership for mobile computing. Using an easy-to-read LED light system, users can now determine the health of their docking system by simply looking at the LED display on the front of the docking station.

DS-PAN-111 with a Panasonic Toughbook 31 in Ford Crown Victoria

Insightful Design

Barrel Lock and Spring Loading Docking Head Connector
  • The only unit with a spring mechanism in the docking head, maximizing device uptime
  • Wear and Corrosion resistant stainless steel for all structural and mechanical components
  • Integral mounting available for optional Power Supply and Rugged Communications Hub
  • Threaded Power Input connector to ensure no disconnects
  • Mounting Bracket equipped with integrated hole patterns to accommodate most competitors mounting devices
  • Docking Connector LED for troubleshooting docking issues

Dock Indicator LED Diagnostics

*Rollover colors to preview in image

  • GREEN: Computer docked, all ports ready for use
  • ORANGE: USB and LAN ports are not functioning
  • RED: Computer not supported or a connection is not made
  • RED (Blinking): Firmware error has occurred
  • NOT LIT: Computer is not installed, is turned off or is in standby or sleep mode